About Us

Sun Blessed Coffee Pvt Ltd – a company born out of sheer passion


Mercara Gold Estate is a beautiful coffee estate in Coorg. Whilst coffee was grown on since the 1960’s we acquired it in 1998 & began a process of transformation by organising it into a well laid out farm & introduced farm processes & practices that are “best in class” for an optimum yield & fine quality produce of Arabica & Robusta coffees.

We introduced our own “washing” (wet processing) facility in 2008 to enable us to produce our own range of boutique style coffee & we practice every time tested process to ensure great well balanced coffee.


Coffee was born out of a passion. We simply fell in love with it 15 years ago & there has been no looking back. When one saw the pride & passion of coffee planters in the world’s famous coffee growing regions commanding their price for their labour, we realised that Indian coffee was no less but found only one coffee from India on the speciality coffee tables of the world. A further look-in showed also how less we as a people knew our coffee & a journey began.

Step by step, fuelled continuously by deep research & knowledge of what is required in the cup we worked backwards & created Mercara Gold Estate. The integrated roasting complex at the estate & the entire logistics facility – the first in India – direct out of the estate to our coffee lovers!

Business logic was also involved, we found how many hands that were involved in moving the coffee around that did not add any value other than to the price you paid. We decided to eliminate that (yes, much before any e-commerce operation in India) we were mail ordering great coffees to our customers across India & a few overseas as well!


The integrated roasting complex was set up at the estate in 2001. We believe it was and still is perhaps India’s best laid out & process driven boutique roasting facility.

We started with a single customised coffee Roaster & Burr grinder with technology that was un-heard of in India then. In a set-up that packs still warm coffee roasted to order. We ensure optimum roast profiles & have history cards for clients to ensure year after year they get exactly the brew they fell in love with!


We roast only the best processed “A” grade beans – period. We stand to any quality audit we need to with pride.


We learnt out coffees backwards. Being Food & Beverage professionals first, we started our journey in coffee from the cup in the highest level of hospitality to the tree & took every nuance, like, dislike, feature, characteristic in the cup up the production chain.

As we control every single step of the process involved from growing to bring this coffee to you, we ensure the best results. We will not scare & overwhelm you in our descriptions of the coffees we feature with jargon of tasting notes & terms that you are supposed to imagine.

Our coffees are described in the manner they are to be experienced. We firmly believe that authenticity kept aside you must love every step of the process from ordering the coffee to sipping an inexpensive luxury. Celebrating the world’s most popular beverage after water!


We have created blends of different beans over many years by combining experience, culture & customisation. We do not allow the price of the beans decide the composition of the blend rather, we set the blend to deliver the right cup quality & then price it.

A common misunderstanding in India is that one must not choose Robusta if one wants quality & further Robusta is only when one wants a cheaper coffee. This is totally untrue. Robusta & Arabica are like fingers of the hand, you need all of them to deliver a super punch!


We place grind & brewing recommendations next to each coffee we feature. WE have arrived at blends & mastered them for years & will simply recommend them to you from our experience. We have also given you the choice to decide on some variations of some blends to satisfy your desire.

If however you find that there is something you would like that our cart does not allow you to customise, please do not hesitate to call or write to us and we will craft it for you. We do it all the time & for years! We love sharing the passion we have for this glorious gift from nature!